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and… I’m an idiot.

I’m legit going to get nothing done today on this blog.

I’m cooking the duck breast for dinner and the sauce for that needs to be made six hours in advance and oh look dinner is in four hours fuck back later after I’ve actually been productive


coffee break

AU in which Lydia, a maths prodigy, is invited to guest lecture at a college, and Derek is the history professor who mistakes her for a student. He is embarrassed, she forgives him, and then they have several rounds of wild sex.

full size on ao3

For dilfwolf / From meledea 

Made for round two of the twrarepairexchange.

Ian Bohen or Ian Somerhalder?


Okay no I do love SmolderHolder, but, this is an Ian Bobo loving blog.

I’m going to have to start unfollowing anyone that reblogs those pictures of Ian.

I just… My ovaries… Like…

I cannot be a member of society while that man exists.


Completed Icons, Gifs, and Icon Gifs of Holland Roden in the Fall Campaign for BCBGeneration.

  • Please like and/or reblog if using.
  • Please do not remove my watermark. 
  • These are all from the BCBGeneration promotion.
  • I made the gifs. As in, I actually made the gifs.
  • Any helpful critique is welcome.


The Wolf and the Banshee (1/?)*

After an incident that resulted in two P.A.C.K. team members firing at each other, Lydia Martin (field name: Banshee) and Derek Hale (field name: Wolf) are suspended from field duty for three months. 

Known rivals throughout the Agency, it comes as a shock to both agents when P.A.C.K. team leader Scott McCall (field name: Alpha) offers them an undercover assignment with two conditions:

1. They temporarily end their partnerships with Allison Argent (field name: Huntress) and Stiles Stilinski (field name: Sparky) and partner together.

2. The may not abort their assignment without permission or they will be terminated.

Both agents are willing to take a chance on the assignment…

…until they find out what the assignment is.

*originally this was supposed to be the main gift for the twrpe…but it exploded. || martinsparrish requested: dydia, fake relationship, forced to work together.

While the BCBGeneration pack is uploading, I’m running to the post office and then making lunch. Once I’m home, I have to start packing up my office as efficiently as possible… and while I do that I’ll be doing drafts.




In a town full of magic anything can happen. Storybrooke, Maine: The setting for our tale. “A Brand New Storybrooke” begins in a small town that for all intents and purposes is sleepy and normal. But this particular town is inhabited by your favorite fairytale characters, brought out of their own stories and thrown together, their futures and timelines all distorted. These beloved characters are all trying to find a way back into their own stories, but in the meantime why not cause a little mischief?

  • Must follow everyone in the verse
  • Please try to be active: If you aren’t your spot is forfeit
  • No ooc drama, though IC drama is emphatically encouraged
  • Message me if you’d like to be in the verse
  • None of the characters possess any magic to keep it fair, however characters like the evil queen can complain about her magic not working
  • Track the Tag: abnsv
  • A bio must be provided, including your characters actual background up to the point they find themselves in Storybrooke and realize who they really are
  • First come first serve


  • Prince Eric
  • Prince Philip
  • 3.Prince Charming   -   isaacbreathe   -   Isaac Lahey
  • 4.Aladdin
  • 5.Prince Adam   -   ofvision   Deucalion
  • 6.Flynn Rider   -   whereiscrazypants   -   Damon Salvatore
  • 7.Kristoff
  • 8.Robin Hood   -   humanbetastilinski   -   Stiles Stilinski
  • 9.Li Shang
  • 10.Prince Naveen
  • 11. Scar


  • 1.Ariel   -   lilmisslydiamartin   -   Lydia Martin
  • 2.Aurora   -   deamon-decanus   -   Deanna Winchester
  • 3.Cinderella
  • 4.Jasmine
  • 5.Belle
  • 6.Rapunzel
  • 7.Anna
  • 8.Snow White
  • 9.Mulan
  • 10.Tiana
  • 11. Maleficent   - heartkillingqueen   - Katherine Pierce
Inspired By

This Post

-cries about everything to do with ian tbh-

I just… why does he do this? why?

does he like torturing us?

-jumps off cliff bc ian bohen-

-grumbles- I thought that Wednesday was my day off.


get to know me meme: [1/5] Favorite Female Characters » Lydia Martin

Not all monsters do monstrous things.

The other night, I helped save someone’s  l i f e 

                                                              and that felt really good.

Rupert Grint and Holland Roden