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I don’t know why  I am the one  that keeps finding the   b o d i e s  but maybe if I just stopped trying to fight it, I’d find them before it happens.


Like the graphic says - I’ve got followers, and idk what to do with all of you. Maybe we should take over a small country? Idk, we’ll work on my plans for world domination later. For right now, let’s just go with a quick icon promo.

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Reblog, and I’ll end it idk whenever I remember that I need to end this. Probably in a week. Yes good.

September 15 - Transparent Premiere Screening in LA

Due to the fact that…

          1. I’m tired. I’m not sure why, but I really am. I feel drained…

          B. I have to massively clean house today for a house party tonight oh god I need a Monster…

          • My muse is not in the right place right now due to the drama from last night…

          iv. I have a thousand IP fics…

I’ve decided to instead spend the day working on house stuff and on my google drive trying to finish some of these IP things. So many are close to being done, but I never have the time anymore it seems. So, I’m going to concentrate on me, just write, and after this weekend, once I’m probably at 80 drafts, I’ll work on replies.

I may toss out some short replies because we all know that Lydia Martin is a diva that demands my attention 99% of the time, but multi paras will likely be ignored. Idk yet. We’ll see.

If you need anything, or want to come and hang out in the google docs, shoot me a message here or on k!k. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I want to be here, but there’s not really a point to me being here.

Anonymous: *Hugs* I'm sorry about that rude anon, and I'm sorry people have been pushing you to ship something that triggers you with something that bad... People are rude... *Hugs again*

-hugs tight-

I get that people are excited over a ship, but they go about encouraging it in the wrong way. That’s okay that people want to share their ship with everyone, and it’s why I’ve tried being nice about all of this - but most of the people have been violently hateful towards me and it’s making me reach my end limit.

Anonymous: I don't mean this as hate, I'm genuinely curious because I've seen you post semi anti sterek stuff but you post about Scydia and say things about that pairing (like the mates thing and how you think that it's supported by canon) that many people feel about sterek, but you think what? That it doesn't exist in any pairing other than scydia?

Not at all taken as hate!

I’m not necessarily anti - sterek. I actually just don’t see it. I’m anti - sterek fandom. Make sense?

I think that there are some hints with various pairings that could be related to Scydia, however, I don’t see that with Stiles and Derek. I don’t necessarily think that Jeff ever meant to hint at Scott and Lydia save for that 1x08 makeout, but some of their reactions are very werewolf - mate - esque. I don’t see that at all with Stiles and Derek.

Maybe it’s because I don’t obsess over Stiles and Derek scenes. Maybe it’s because I will never be able to get past my Stanny / Stallison feels for Stiles during S1, or my Scerek / Dydia feels for Derek, but idk.

What I do know is that, according to Jeff Davis, werewolf mates do not appear on this show, but Scydia hints at it, and I’ve never noticed it with Sterek.


Anonymous: no offense, but how can you dislike stydia for reasons that simply aren't canon (stiles stopped "stalking" (you might wanna look up what stalking really means) and idolizing lydia in season 2, but ok, your personal background makes it triggering, i get that) and on the other hand like pydia which is canon and fanon based on psychological torture and manipulation?

Given that, honestly, this was the only nice ask I had about the whole matter, I’m going to answer this, so that people know why I dislike Stydia, but love Pydia.

Stiles has, for years, followed Lydia around to the point that he knows every little inane detail about her. Just because he suddenly stopped, that doesn’t change a thing. He’s still that guy that has followed her around for years. And I say idealizing - making her into an idea, not idolizing, making her into a god. He has this image of her in his mind as to what she is… she’s an idea, not a person.

He calls her cold hearted, doesn’t want to be kind to her after screwing up her life because she won’t go out with him, he’s rude, he’s spiteful… he bought her a bunch of things because he didn’t know what she liked. Because she’s an idea to him, not a human.

And they start to form an actual friendship, and for half a second I was like yes let’s do this okay this is the kind of thing I can get behind… and then he starts getting with Malia and forgets his friend. And the thing is, Scott is the same - Lydia risked her life to save Stiles, no one cares about that, she suffered torture with a demon wearing Stiles’ face, and now he barely even remembers her - 

"NOT WITHOUT LYDIA" Yeah because Stiles wanted the death detector, and because Lydia had the jacket for Malia to use to smell out Kira. 

That stated - I actually happen to ship certain AUs of Stydia. I ship Stiles and Lydia with a third party. I ship older future Stydia, where Stiles has calmed down and Lydia has gone out there and conquered the world. I do ship some aspects of Stydia. However - most people see that statement and assume that I ship Lydia Martin having a revelation that she has loved Stiles all these years and is a terrible person for not loving him back and must beg for him to be with her.

… Please stop.

As for your argument about Pydia - I do not ship it in Canon. In Canon, I want for Lydia the Queen to be a boss ass bitch that takes down the guy that hurt her and makes him beg for scraps of her mercy.

In Fanon, I ship Lydia being the Alpha and making Peter beg. I do not ship Submissive Lydia with Dominant Peter. Lydia is certainly not submissive in the slightest - ever. I don’t ship the innocent little girl with the big bad man. I ship Lydia Martin making Peter pay for what he did, making him show remorse for it, and finally giving him a taste of the good life, because there is chemistry there, and she deserves the best… no one can say Peter Hale in a vneck isn’t the best.

So there you go. That is why I do not ship Stydia. Why I do ship Pydia. And I guess a bunch of other stuff. If you have any other opinions or want to discuss Stydia more with me, please come to me off anon and we can discuss it all you want. 

If you dislike my opinion on this, hey man, you wanna ship Stydia? You ship it. Ship it with all your little heart, and I hope that you find a bucket filled with flawless fanfic this weekend to smother yourself with feels. You don’t like my opinion on Pydia? That’s cool man. It is a wonky ship. I feel you on that.

You wanna send me hate because I ship or don’t ship something? Get over yourself. It’s a fucking show.

Holland Roden looks beautiful in blue as she attends the Parker on Spring Launch Event held at the A List on Tuesday (September 16).

Anonymous: Ew. How could you be that rude to somebody that just asks you to use a freaking hashtag. God Stalia or Sterek shippers are such assholes sometimes😒😒

1. It is a well known that fact Stydia triggers horrible memories for me of a boy that stalked me through high school and acted as though I should love him because he loved me. He ended up killing his first girlfriend out of high school, and there were pictures of me in his room. She looked an eerily lot like me. A number of people urged me to date him… Oh wow does this sound familiar or what… but you can’t make yourself like someone. 

2. I’ve been receiving a lot of asks to promote Stydia lately, and each one I have kindly and firmly stated that I am not interested, but good luck on their projects. Responding kindly is getting me no where.

3. I ship neither Stalia or Sterek. Way to generalize someone. Just because I don’t ship Stydia clearly means that I ship some other Stiles pairing that is popular in this fandom that is well known for being assholes, right? This is what’s wrong with this fandom - everyone is an asshole to people and generalize the fuck out of everything. Just stop.

4. Seriously, how could you just go around and ask people to use a freaking hashtag when there is nothing on their blog suggesting they ship a ship. That’s what’s rude. If I was frequent in the Stydia tag, then sure, that would be normal. But I don’t ship it. In fact, I highly dislike it. And yet, people keep coming to me, wanting me to ship it.

Ship and Let Ship - And don’t try to trigger those that are triggered by something.

And now that I feel violently ill from horrible memories… Thanks.

I’ve got death inside me. It’s just a question of whether or not I can outlive it.



         A brow rose in surprise at the woman’s question
         catching him quiet off guard. He had learned to 
         kill the man who had come from Thrace, to forget 
         the place he had once called home.

                         ”You wish me to tell you of Thrace?”
                           A foolish question, but one asked
                           none the less.

She studies him for a moment, amused
that he’s surprised by her request. She
has no idea what exactly he could assume
she wanted… but was it so absurd to want
to hear more of the distant, foreign lands
that she would never explore?

          "I do… After all, it is not as though the
          generals that report to Rome give any
          sort of truthful accounts. By their words,
          Thrace is filled with warriors that are more
          beast than man… yet you are clearly a
          man of flesh and blood… although some
          would call you, it seems, a God. I want to
          know the truth.”