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I have to go do the vehicle inspection on my car and I don’t want to leave.

Jordan  Parrish & Lydia Martin

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text || momma!lyds + derek

Derek: so just my luggage then?
Derek: I'd like an excuse to take the Camaro out of town
Derek: the apartment clean up can wait
Derek: Tori's going to be at the Center on Friday right?
Derek: Did you want me to pick you up from your work and we can leave straight from there?
Lydia: You should just hire a maid to clean.
Lydia: Sure, that works. Bring a bathing suit.

text || Lyds + Ally

Ally: Why not a hybrid?
Ally: Best of both worlds with less fur.
Lyds: Because my claws are already sharp enough.

text || momma!lyds + derek

Derek: sounds amazing
Derek: it's a very safe car and I even have a booster seat she can ride in
Derek: and unless you take more than one suitcase for a two night trip
Derek: I'm sure we can fit all our luggage in the trunk
Lydia: Actually, we head up there every other weekend. We only take one bag, which is basically whatever books she is on, and some of my work, and the essentials.
Lydia: If you really want to drive, then I'll trust you on this.

text || momma!lyds + derek

Derek: Because Isaac is always involved in destruction and never does it at his own place so he doesn't have to clean it up
Derek: that sounds amazing
Derek: where's the beach house?
Derek: I could drive if you like?
Derek: the Camaro hasn't had a chance to stretch its' legs in months...
Lydia: About two hours North of here. It's nothing special, but it's nice to just get away.
Lydia: You want to put my daughter in the back seat of a Camaro?

text || momma!lyds + derek

Derek: yeah I've been losing some kids to the new place as well
Derek: although I'm offering to hold places as a gesture of goodwill
Derek: I've heard ... never mind I'm not going to speak ill of my industry
Derek: that's fantastic to know I'd hate fro Tori to leave
Derek: this weekend is my clean up the apartment so it looks less like a frat house weekend
Derek: unless you have a better offer?
Lydia: Why do I have a feeling that Isaac was involved in whatever destruction occurred at your apartment?
Lydia: Tori and I are going to the beach house this weekend. Come with. There's plenty of room, so it's not as though you have to do anything with us. Just get away for a few days.

text || Lyds + Ally

Ally: You definitely should have rethought your choice of supernatural career path.
Ally: Maybe one that puts less stress on your vocal chords. ;)
Lyds: Next lifespan, I'll choose vampire.
Lyds: So that I can just eat the people that annoy me.

text || lydia + stiles

Stiles: You don't bring death upon people Lydia and you know it
Lydia: I also can't stop them.

text || momma!lyds + derek

Derek: did you hear about the new daycare opening up near the hospital?
Derek: they're poaching my staff and offering better pay and benefits than I can as a solo operator
Derek: I've still got Isaac and Cora but I've lost Ana and Bailey
Derek: a vacation sounds like heaven right now
Derek: I have enough cash saved to take one but just no time right now
Lydia: You mean the daycare that's literally two minutes away from me.
Lydia: I saw it. Not interested. Tori and I are quite happy as it is.
Lydia: ... what about this weekend?

♡ lycanstark



              ❝Not exactly something that I’m likely to forget about — contrary to popular belief anyway. —— Good, I’m glad we’re on the same page❞

       There’s a smirk at her comment about possibly going for a round to as he looks up in thought and clears his throat. As of lately, the two of them had been less argumentative, he saw no reason to let one stupid faceless person mess that up. Though it was still kind of difficult for him to separate himself from his first impression, at least there was an effort being made.

             ❝You say that like it’s the only thing I could possibly want from you.❞

Well, she certainly can’t say anything in response to that… He hasn’t forgotten the memory of having her on his damn table, the same one she sits at every other week, and he’s likely not going to… if she wasn’t thinking about going for round two before, she sure as hell was now.

But wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong company.

     ”Truth be told, I have no idea what you want from me.”

And it was true. Really, she doubted he wanted anything from her. Of course, that was a sad and pathetic reality, on her part, that she wasn’t willing to face.



He pretends not to notice the look Lydia gives him with the ease of practice, because that seems like the right thing to do. Still, a part of him preens at the compliment, the part that smugly whispers we still got it in his ear whenever anyone takes an interest.

It’s usually countered quickly with the voice that says, we never had it. Married straight out of college, and even that was just for appearances. Not to say he didn’t love Victoria, because he did. It was just hard to call it game when he was ordered down the aisle.

"I appreciate the vote of confidence," he says. "But if you think I’m not flawed, I have to confess: I’m the one that bought this wine." That alone should be a crime.

Her eyes roll slightly, but it’s clearly more as a sign of amusement than one of annoyance. Even a tiny huff, that could be thought of as laughter, escapes her almost fully closed lips. 

"Understanding wine and appreciating it are things that can be taught. Having a little bit of hope, and looking good while showing it? Mmm, I may be a genius, but I doubt that I could teach you that."

I have reached that point in time where I’m staring at the new theme I’ve been working on for two weeks, and I’ve decided that I don’t like it…